Photo course

Introductory photography course

We offer 5 group lessons to learn the basics of photography. Each class lasts 2 hours, exercises as well as course materials will be given.

Course # 1: The Basics
You do not understand the language of the photographers and the settings of your camera? This course will help you become familiar with your device, use the right therms and understand them.

  Course # 2: How to expose your image
Does your device play tricks by capturing images that are too bright or not enough? You will forget the automatic function of your device and learn to use the ISO, the diaphragm and the shutter speed.

  Course # 3: Depth of field
Would you like to know how to create a nice "bokeh" for sure? Thanks to the depth of field you will learn to control the contribution of blur and net to sublimate your images.

  Course # 4: The frame
Your images are well exposed and clear but emit no emotion ? This certainly comes from your framing, because the composition of an image is the art of creating a reading path in an image to bring out the most important elements.

  Course # 5: Reportage on a market
Now that you have acquired all his knowledge, you will put them into practice during a report on a market and learn how to select your images.

80 CHF the course
350 CHF Packages of 5 courses 

Dates available
Course validated from 5 participants

The photographers

2018 Photo Cv Lausanne Laurine Mottet

Laurine Mottet

2019 Portrait Cv Rui 001

Rui Rodrigues

Stop being the spectator, become the director of your images.

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